Against Cellulite: Massage

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You are part of the rate of 70% women over 18 years suffering from cellulite? Probably most of us suffer from this terrible health problem, because, after all it is a health issue. We offer you a new tip that will definitely help you in your fight with no.1 enemy: cellulite. And this ally is called: anti-cellulite massage.

About Cellulite:

Cellulite is a complex disease of the entire body, because it is caused by malfunctions of its changes, here we refer to changes for carbohydrates metabolism, lipids metabolism and a retention of fluids in the body. In this way, conjunctive tissue gets changed and we can all see these malfunctions on our “orange peel” skin.

Massage and Get Rid of Cellulite:

Cellulite massage is one of the best solutions to get rid of that awful “orange peel”. This type of massage is performed locally in areas affected by cellulite. The massage is usually done on hips, legs, buttocks, and abdomen, using creams or oils that contain cellulite reducers, to enhance the effect of cellulite (We recommend treatments that use cooling solutions or warming ones). See our article about anti-cellulite creams.

The good influence that anti-cellulite massage has on our body can be explained largely by direct action on superficial layers of the body. With this massage you stimulate the suppleness and elasticity of skin and subcutaneous tissue and blood circulation is activated. We must however keep in mind that anti-cellulite massage is not a relaxing massage – it is made strongly (sometimes even slightly painful) on the areas affected by cellulite.

Why Does It Hurt:

It hurts because cellulite is a skin disease that hurts itself, and massage consists of hard and deep maneuvers such as friction, kneaded and pinching. Cellulite massage must be performed by a professional so you can see results. If bruising occurs means that massage intensity should be reduced, because otherwise undesirable adverse results may occur.

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