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Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

After a white night, the area around the eyes is the one that can say everything about you! That you love to party, that you don’t rest enough, that you don’t use sunscreen cream on the beach and more. We will teach you how to treat the side effects, but we advise you to take care of your sensible face!

Dark circles around your eyes

Stop being best friend with the sun! Too much sun exposure can give you a “raccoon eye” look. Seek to prevent these problems using high factor sunscreen! SPF 30 is indicated for face and eyes.

Cut a potato!

Hide your temporary black spots slicing thin pieces from a potato (which contains an enzyme – that lightens the skin). You keep the slices on your skin for ten minutes so the juice can penetrate it. Do this 2 times a week to invigorate your skin and to offer it the same shade.

Call for antihistaminic!

If semicircles appear in dark-gray background, during allergies, ask a doctor if you should use anti-allergy drops or antihistaminic. Allergens can cause swelling of blood vessels under the skin. If you rub your eyes, you “annoy” these vessels, which will lead to darkening the arches under the eye.

Change your face cream!

Newer “versions” of eye moisturizers contain minerals and plants which control skin pigmentation, which and this can only make you happy.

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So, your goal is to lose weight fast, don't you?

Beautips and Allure Tools compiled a guide of 5 clever ways of losing weight fast in a sustainable way. You can lose up to 24 pounds (10 Kg) in a month without putting too much pressure on you body!

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Andrea Grace

I've always been collecting various beauty tips and tricks for me and my friends. So, at Beautips I'm sharing this knowledge to you, my friends - to try and test them. Please leave a comment below to know your opinion of my articles, I will answer them, for sure! Editor at Beautips

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  1. shazi says:

    Among many antioxidants, the most researched and best known for skincare and treating scars is Vitamin E.

    This product has been recommended by professional doctors and pharmacists all around the world. Vitamin E is best in its natural state. The reason behind this is because Natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) has 36% MORE biological activity than the synthetic version, hence it works better at treating scars.

    Go for serum or creams which shows very high concentration of natural Vitamin E as the ingredient. Make sure they are no chemical substitute which may cause unwanted side effects.

    One of my suggested product is NATUR E Scar serum. It contains 28000 iu of Vitamin E and it is all natural. The product has worked so well for me! Do give it a try. You can find it at http://www.scarremovaltreatment.net.

    • andrea says:

      Shazi, I let you have that advertisment on the comment above only because what you are saying is true.. Vitamin E is one of the most important “ingredient” for skin care. But I suggest you never make spam comments on Beautips, because we want to give our visitors the most relevant information for certain topics, not spam or adverts!

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