8 Things Your Skin Says About Your Fitness

Fitness is not about having a toned, flab-free body, it is much more than that. It is a window to your health. It shouts what all good or bad is taking place in the body.
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Believe it or not, this is the truth. Your skin reveals a lot about your fitness levels? Unfortunately, other people can judge it very easily. Here is a checklist of the things that your skin is telling others about your fitness levels:

Dull Skin

A radiant skin is often gained by maintaining good fitness levels. When you exercise regularly, you ensure that the outermost organ of your body receives a good supply of blood. Improved blood flow delivers nutrients and oxygen needed for maintaining the softness and suppleness of the skin. Failing to do so leads to a dull, drab skin lacking lustre.

Love Handles

When you exercise, you allow yourself to flaunt your belly minus that flab and love handles too. Exercising burns the excess of fat cells that may otherwise sit stubbornly at the places you wouldn’t want to see them at all. This is related to so many diseases which can further make your skin look horrible. These diseases which are caused by the abdominal/ visceral fat include dementia, breast cancer, Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. Even medical practitioners suggest losing abdominal fat to maintain good health. Diabetes alone can predispose your skin to a host of bacterial and fungal infections.

Body Acne

When one sees a clear skin texture, it is but evident that the person has been detoxifying skin regularly by following some really effective skin care regime which comprises of fitness as well. But there is a downside too. A person who throngs a gym every day, he may have pimples or acne. This happens when one doesn’t follow good hygiene levels. But doing so is easy. The best antibacterial and anti fungal soap when used after exercising can help in getting rid of the bacteria build up which gets clogged in the pores and don’t let your skin benefit from the fitness regime.

Hormonal Imbalance

A breakout on the jawline and uneven skin texture is often linked to hormonal imbalance in the body. Women who experience this may have PCOS, a rather common hormone (endocrine) disorder. It manifolds the chances of diabetes and infertility in women. When you exercise, it keeps your hormones under check. This includes both sex hormones and thyroid hormones. Talking about the latter, underactive thyroid hormones make fingernails brittle and an overactive thyroid leaves your skin thick and dry on the shins.

No Cellulite

If you are able to wear short dresses that flaunt your legs, then you surely are taking good care of your legs. Yes, this one may sound like coming from nowhere. But is in fact a reality. When you are into making your body fit, the key areas that you would take care of are legs, arms and abdomen. These are the key places that harbor cellulite. The best exercises to keep cellulite under control are stretching and running.

You Don’t Look Fresh

Stress often doesn’t let you sleep well, working out helps you do so. It has been proven in a study as well. It makes body sensitive to the stress hormone cortisol thus helping you sleep well. While you are sleeping cortisol gets used up by the body to burn fats for energy. Thus, you don’t rise up in the morning with tired.

Your Eyes

Yes, your eyes will say that easily. When you don’t sleep well at night, hyperpigmentation starts taking place under your eyes. It is the parasympathetic nervous system that works at night and repairs it. When you don’t sleep enough, the process isn’t complete leading to melanin formation, pooling of blood.

Above All

Beauty is skin deep. Right? And this great health is fueled from within. When your skin is healthy you feel happy from within, love wearing all types of clothes and don’t cringe by saying “I can’t wear this”’, “I can’t wear that”. You also know how to have a control over your anxiety levels and so much more. So, start a fitness program today.

I am sure the aforementioned reasons are enough to make you believe that skin has a deep connection with the fitness levels of your body. So, follow it and have a happy and healthy skin.

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