5 Benefits of Back Massagers You Didn’t Think Of

A few minutes of massage every day maintain your health and stimulate your muscles and body cells. You might already know that and yet postpone those minutes because you’re tired or lack time. Meanwhile, you might feel a painful neck, sore shoulders or tight back muscles. That’s what the best back massagers are there for.

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Your back may be the only one that sometimes stops you from postponing a massage. When the pain is there, you need to heal it. Back pain comes at all ages if you work in an office and spend those many hours on a chair. There’s more to back massagers than you might think – including benefits for your skin cells, blood circulation, and overall lifestyle.

A Massage for Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Typically, the only obstacles that stand in the road between you and a refreshing massage session are lack of time and a convenient place. Yet, you spend at least a few minutes every day relaxing on the couch. There are some other minutes you spend in the car, waiting to park or at the stop. Not to mention those eight hours in the office. All of the above make occasions you can use to calm your muscles with a massage.

We have researched for the best back massagers available now and came up with the Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu pillow massager. As per specialized website Today Best Reviews, the massager tops user preferences because it changes direction every minute, comes with adjustable straps and compact design and it’s affordable. For more details regarding the product’s additional features, you can read this article. We’ll use this example to show what the best back massagers have in store for us:

  • The possibility to use them anywhere – in the office, in the car or at home.
  • Any part of the body – You can usually adjust products and use them for your neck, shoulders, upper or lower back.
  • Anyone can use them – there’s no age or gender limit when it comes to back massages. They are necessary, therapeutic and relaxing for everyone.
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Technology Backs-Up Traditional Techniques

Massage is a delicate medical technique that some fail to notice. Back massagers are developed to make traditional massage accessible even when you’re alone at home. It may come as a surprise, but some of them use traditional European or Japanese techniques you find in salons or spa centers.

  • Shiatsu: The traditional Japanese massage uses finger pressure in specific points to activate the surrounding muscles and promote blood circulation.
  • Point pressure: Acupuncture uses pressure applied by individual needles placed in some points that alternative medicine believes in communicating with internal organs.
  • Deep tissue: The most common salon and home massage techniques uses finger, palm or hand pressure throughout the back for muscle tension release.
  • Vibration: Vibration is common among back massagers. It prepares the area for massage and targets more muscles by applying rhythmic pressure.

Massage Contributes to Body Beauty

According to a university study, massage is an effective treatment to detoxify the body’s cells and especially the liver. By eliminating toxic cells, you clear your blood cells and feel more energized. Energy stimulation promotes healthy blood flow between the body and the brain.

Self-massage using a gadget promotes soft and youthful skin. You balance your skin features by providing it with vitality and direct activity that targets it. Aside from your neck, shoulders, and back, the hands and feet also benefit from an excellent regular massage. 

Exploiting Your “Me” Time

You can take massage as an excuse to focus on yourself and fully use the time you dedicate health. By creating a whole setting around the massage for a therapeutic and relaxing experience. How can you contribute to the experience?

  • Stay in a warm room to keep yourself comfortable.
  • Use essential oils such as coconut, mustard or sesame oil to complete the massage with your hands and feet.
  • Get a towel or a mat to avoid spots due to oil consumption. You will also dry quickly after the massage.

Back Massagers Protect Themselves

Every time you purchase a new product, you may consider optimizing its maintenance and storage for more extended use. Products you use daily may need a repair faster if you don’t care for them accordingly. However, the best back massagers come with features that allow them to auto-protect against excessive usage. These options also protect you against a massage which is too intense or focused.

  • Automatic sleep mode usually stops the massager after 20 minutes of functioning.
  • Adjustable speed allows you to find the best massage and protects it by using lighter intensity.
  • Adjustable straps and directions mix the massager’s techniques for your muscles and its maintenance.

You usually need to store them away from extreme heat or cold and protect them against children or pets.

Using the Best Back Massagers

The connection between your beauty and health and the best back massagers you can find is visible after a few uses. Your overall health benefits from a dedicated relaxing and muscle therapy session. If it comes challenging to find the time, consider a five-minutes evening activity you can replace with massage. Then, create a ritual by developing a massage schedule. Your brain quickly gets used to the relaxation ritual, while your body enjoys its benefits.

For the purpose of this article, we have skipped medical benefits of massage, as you might already know them. However, there are even more benefits you can discover after you use back massagers for a while.

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