25 EOS Hacks (and Some Beauty Tips)

The basic EOS lip balm is not that basic. You can use it for many other things than your lips.
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You all know that EOS is a lip balm. I bet you never knew some hacks that might help you. You can use your regular lip balm for different things. With these hacks you’ll save time and money:

EOS Lip balm

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EOS beauty tip #1: You can use EOS as a hand moisturizer

EOS beauty tip #2: Rub it on your acne spots to make them less red

EOS beauty tip #3: If your brows don’t stay in place, your EOS can act like a brow gel

EOS beauty tip #4: If your ring get stuck on your finger, apply some lip balm around the area, and the ring will slide without any problem

EOS beauty tip #5: Apply some lip balm all over your baby hair to make it stay in place all day

EOS beauty tip #6: You can use your EOS as an after shave

EOS beauty tip #7: Use EOS like a cuticle oil

EOS beauty tip #8: Apply it as an eye primer

EOS beauty tip #9: Apply it as an eyeshadow base

EOS Lip Balm

EOS beauty tip #10: If you have a paper cut, apply some EOS on the cut and il will heal much faster

EOS beauty tip #11: Reduce your dark circles with lip balm

EOS beauty tip #12: Take the top part of your EOS off, and il will be your DIY lip plumper

EOS beauty tip #13: You can use it as a makeup remover. It also hydrates your skin

EOS beauty tip #14: You can turn your EOS into a contour stick or a highlighter, just mixing the actual EOS with some eye shadow!

EOS beauty tip #15: If your hair have split ends, you can apply some lip balm to help them out

EOS beauty tip #16: You can apply it on your driest parts of your skin, like your elbows and your knees

EOS beauty tip #17: You can use your EOS as a highlighter or as a primer

EOS beauty tip #18: Apply some lip balm to your shoes to polish them and to make them waterproof

EOS beauty tip #19: Instead of throwing your empty EOS, you can clean it up and use it as container for jewelry or pills

EOS Lip Balm

EOS beauty tip #20: If you have a size small shoes, apply some lip balm at the back of your heel, and your feet will slide into it with no problem

EOS beauty tip #21: If you dye your hair at home, you know that the dye will be all over your face. You can prevent that with adding EOS to your face before dyeing your hair

EOS beauty tip #22: If you have scratches on your CD, apply some lip balm, wait 5 minutes, wipe it off and your CD will be just fine

EOS beauty tip #23: Use it as a glue for eye or body glitter

EOS beauty tip #24: When you have to remove glue or a sticker, apply some lip balm first and you will have no problem removing it

EOS beauty tip #25: For texturized curls, apply lip balm the same way like you apply a regular hair setting spray. It not only set your curls, but it also hydrates your hair and prevent heat damage

The Regular EOS Lip Balm Can Do So Much!

It can make our lives easier, we don’t have to spend so much money on different items, and the most important thing: we can save time! The EOS is a really helpful guy, and all of us should use it, but not just for our lips.

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