We went from the designers podiums to little shops and came out with this article about 5 must-have clothes for 2010 winter!
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In  fashion, everything that is out of date is in fact the past played in present in  a different perspective. This autumn-winter season, the designers looked especially to the fashion items from the ’40s, dominated by femininity, to madness that best describes the ’80s, from were they taken over the volume shoulders and neon colors, and last but not least, outlining a series of characters that look somehow closer to reality. We went from the designers podiums to little shops and came out with this article about 5 must-have clothes for 2010 winter!


Assortments of leather, natural or organic, are in fashion this season. From the motorcycle  type jackets, very tight trousers, long gloves, to metal applications, or targets, all of us can play a cheeky and very special look using leather in our fashion style this winter.


Skirts are present in a variety of models, but a key feature of this season is waist high. For an office outfit, choose a high waist skirts, with a conical cut, and wear it with a simple shirt. It is further distinguished another model with oblique folds, which gives you a unique air.


The high-waist trousers are still in fashion, they just have different materials and lengths. The women can still wear skinny type pants, casual trousers and the shalwars, with a girdle around your waist. You can wear them with high heel shoes or boots. You can also wear opaque  stockings with short pants.


If winter comes, also comes and the knitwear weather. Poncho, cardigans, mini cape, dress sweaters, blouses, Basque and gloves, are just some of the wonders of knitwear, played in the textures and colors that we are offering this season.


Whatever the range, starting from dresses, skirts, pants and even the bag accessories are still fashionable made from tartan-cloth in a variety of designs and colors.

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